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Popular Benefits and Applications of Waterjet Machining

Waterjet machining is one of the best cutting technologies available today. The demand for this innovative non-traditional cutting process has increased rapidly in the last few decades.

Waterjet cutting technology has made it possible to design, cut, and shape different materials more efficiently than any other technology. The technology uses a highly pressured water jet to shape, design, and cut through different materials. Water at about 55,000 psi passes through a narrow nozzle to cut the materials to the required sizes and shapes. The waterjet is fine and cuts very fast and as such, the material being cut doesn’t get damp or wet.

Currently, there are different manufacturing companies that design and produce excellent waterjet cutting equipment for precision cutting of different materials. They manufacture machines in almost all sizes and for a variety of applications. With numerous designs available on the market, these firms make it pretty easy to customize a right waterjet cutting system for your needs.
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While laser jet cutting has a limited array of materials and thickness on which it is effective, waterjet cutting can cut through a variety of materials and a large array of thickness. Materials such as composites, ceramics, and stone, fiberglass, wood, plastics and rubber, as well as metals can be cut using a water jet.
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Nowadays, many sectors include waterjet cutting technology in their cutting operations. Waterjet services are commonly used the building and engineering sectors to cut different materials.

Also, the aerospace industry, which often involves many sophisticated operations, utilizes this technology in cutting, shaping, and reaming high-tolerance yet intricate aerospace components.

In the mining industry, strong jets of water are widely being used for cutting and drilling in hard-rock mines. In addition to the hard-rock mines waterjets are also used in coal mines. The technology can also be used for hygienically cutting meat, fruits, bread, cake, and vegetables among other products. Waterjet cutting is effective and economical at the same time.

Waterjet cutting equipment do not interfere with the properties of the material being cut. Additionally, this cutting technology produces accurate and perfect cuts with the most refined and flawless edges. Another significant benefit of using waterjet machining is that it does not use or emit dangerous gasses. For this reason, it is highly safe and comfortable to use.

There are many reputable firms that offer quality waterjet cutting services using a state-of-the-art waterjet cutting machines and techniques.

The Internet makes it pretty easy to search good waterjet cutting services to meet your individual needs. You will want to work with a service provider that use modern technology and high-quality waterjet cutting machines. Also, make sure you select a firm with reasonably-priced waterjet cutting services.