The Importance of Understanding New Jersey Nursing Home Rules Before Putting a Family Member in One

A time comes when a lot of people end up putting their elderly father or elderly mother in a nursing home. The elderly parent may not want to go to a nursing home, but sometimes that is the only option the child has. The problem with that goes well beyond the child being inconvenienced by having to find someone to take care of mom or dad. The problem often lies with the nursing home that is selected. The staff doesn’t do a good job of taking care of the residents of the nursing home. Following are some of the rules that must be in place for a nursing home to be safe for a parent.

A lot of elderly people are taken advantage of in a nursing home. The resident of the nursing home has the right to expect certain things, otherwise, the nursing home could be accused of abuse or neglect. The resident has the right to manage his or her own financial affairs unless proper authorization has been granted by the resident in his or her own right mind, or by a loved one.

The nursing home resident has the right to his or her privacy in matters such as sending and receiving mail without it being tampered with. The resident has the right to have his or her own property in the living space. Residents have the right to expect their physical, psychological, medical and social needs are reasonably met. They have the right to voice any complaints or grievances they may have without fear of discrimination. If they are mistreated, abused or neglected in any way, the nursing home can expect that an attorney may get involved.

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