Protect Your Rights Following an OUI Arrest

The number of alcohol and drug-related accident fatalities in Maine has declined over the last decade and a lot of that is due to the watchfulness of law enforcement. It is not uncommon for police to target remote areas and set up sobriety checkpoints during holiday weekends or around popular resort towns. The punishment for OUI is often severe and preserving a reputation and reducing the penalties may require legal assistance. All drivers should know what is at stake if they take this risk.

  • The driver’s license is immediately suspended after failing a blood-alcohol test. This is instant and remains in place until the court appearance.
  • Refusing to take a sobriety test will result in immediate suspension of the license and could last as long as six years.
  • If the test is not taken the court will use the police report and the testimony of the arresting officer to determine if the driver was intoxicated.
  • First offenders found guilty lose their license for 90 days and face fines of at least $400.
  • Underage drinkers automatically lose their license for one year and additional time is added if there are underage passengers in the vehicle.
  • Repeat offenders risk jail time, higher fines, longer suspension periods and could have their vehicles permanently seized.
  • Causing an accident while intoxicated could result in permanent suspension of the license and a long jail term. Causing a fatality often includes a 30-year prison sentence.
  • Accidents that include a fatality automatically require all to drivers submit to a sobriety test. If the driver refuses their license is automatically suspended for three years.

The laws were designed to help protect people from careless behavior. They were also created in a way that allows people to defend themselves. Not everyone stopped and charged with an OUI is guilty and not everyone deserves the most severe penalties following an arrest. Anyone charged with this type of crime should immediately schedule a consultation with an OUI lawyer. Their advice and guidance help many people to have their charges reduced or even dropped. Visit to learn how law firms protect the legal rights and reputations of their clients.