What Business Owners Can Learn from Monstercloud.com

There are several websites that promise to provide excellent and responsive information technology (IT) services to all sized businesses. There are only a few that guarantee specific services. Cyber security is imperative to protect businesses from attacks, getting data and files stolen, losing documents and applications to viruses, and being held hostage online. The experts at monstercloud.com offer free security and risk assessments. They also guarantee to quickly remove ransom-ware, or the service is free. Ransom-ware is introduced into computers, tablets, and cell phones via infected emails that seem harmless. Data is suddenly encrypted and inaccessible to the business.

Business owners are instructed to pay a ransom in order to have full access to their data, documents, files, and applications. Paying the ransom is no guarantee information will be undamaged or permanently lost. All businesses are susceptible to this cyber-crime, but small businesses are especially vulnerable because they do not always have the right security in place. Ransom-ware removal is affordable, but there are cost-effective steps that can be taken to avoid attacks, breaches, and misuse of business files. User access management is a service that utilized military-grade protocols to control who accesses what data from where. Many viruses corrupt data when personnel use public wireless connections, or save a file to their cell phone to work from home. Controlling access protects the business from careless mistakes, as well as ensure compliance to specific policies.

Real-time monitoring can detect threats before they become a problem. Most small business owners do not realize that 24/7 monitoring services will save them time, money, and a lot of worry. It will also reduce premiums for business liability insurance. Insurance costs are based on risks. Businesses that take steps to lower risks are rewarded with lower premiums. Small business owners can consult their insurance agents to find out what IT services will save them on policies. Compare that savings to the cost of services and determine which is less expensive. Chances are, lack of services are costing more than owners think. Arrange to have a free risk assessment completed to know if the business files and data are safe.