Internet Security Pros Can Sometimes Defeat Cryptographic Ransomware Directly

One ill-advised click today can cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage, and the stakes are not getting any lower. Last year saw a major surge in the activities of digital criminals who hold business data for ransom, with the sums of money they extracted from their victims likewise jumping as well. Companies with any kind of a digital presence of their own must therefore expect to be subjected to even more of the dangers that have resulted in so much damage to some. When a single incident of this kind can endanger the basic viability of an entire business, respecting the existing threats and figuring out good ways of countering them has to be accepted as a basic duty.

The cornerstone of any such strategy, naturally enough, will be prevention, and there are many effective tools that aim at this goal. While putting together the right collection of preventative measures, processes, and standards will help, though, businesses must also think about what will happen if a malicious payload should get through. Being stuck without access to crucial data can mean that business as usual becomes impossible until the issue is resolved, and that will never be good news. Understanding how best to respond if such a situation should arise must therefore also be a top priority.

Fortunately, internet security pros have helpful advice of this kind, as well. While prevention should never be neglected, recent times have seen some developments of real importance and value on the front where responding to such incidents is the goal. Where many so-called “ransomware” attacks were once regarded as being impossible to defeat by anyone but those who controlled them, some of the most common tools have since succumbed to analysis and reverse engineering.

As a result, certain kinds of infections will hold forth the possibility of recovering without submitting the ransom that might be demanded. Particularly in cases where the cryptographic keys associated with specific strains of malicious software have been recovered, files can sometimes be decrypted even without the assistance of the attacker. Understanding that this might be an option can end up saving a company a great deal of money and time, and that can make a real difference for business.