Monster Cloud And The War Against Cyber Crime

The internet is becoming the most invaluable pathway to profitable business and speedy commerce. Unfortunately, it is also becoming the most invaluable pathway for criminals seeking to loot businesses for all they can get away with. In the past, cyber criminals have employed spyware to steal corporate secrets, and malware to destroy data and operating systems. Now, the latest wrinkle in cyber crime is literally the digital version of kidnapping: ransomware.

Ransomware, like most trojan horse viruses and other forms of malware which infect computers, is cleverly disguised as a file attachment in an otherwise seemingly innocent e-mail. Once the worm is nestled within the company’s computer system, it then proceeds to encrypt the stored data and all passwords to block access. Effectively, the owners of the computer are locked out. What follows is a ransom message, demanding payment for the decryption key and the e-address to send it to. Sadly, such ransomware viruses also can deposit a piece of spyware into the system to track the new passwords and account information, allowing access for subsequent repeat attacks. A business can be victimized multiple times if the owners make the mistake of not calling in police or professional help.

Once computer security has been compromised in this manner, the worst thing the business owner can do is to pay the ransom. It’s the same thing as giving into blackmail. This is why cyber security has become a robust industry in its own right. IT companies devote whole divisions of their operations to the problem of identifying new malware and ransomware and improving guardian software to neutralize these threats. The reason for such intense activity? Latest estimates show that such cyber crime causes losses to business amounting to $1 billion annually.

Projections show that cyber attacks are expected to increase by 85% above the current level of such activity in 2017 alone. The chaos that this can cause to the corporate sector and even to thousands of independent cyber entrepreneurs could bring intenet commerce to a halt. Monster Cloud is one firm dedicated to battling these sort of cyber crimes and new threats which arise on the digital horizon every day. Their expertise in counteracting ransomware is combined with extensive capacities toward providing data backup, disaster recovery, and creating a secure cloud computing environment for business to interact safely with the digital world.