How an Executive Search Agency Helps Companies Seeking Construction Managers for Long-Term Temporary Projects

When a need arises for a highly qualified individual to fill a top-level position, many organizations turn to an Executive search firm to help them find the right candidate. These recruiting agencies may work with a wide variety of occupational fields, from education to engineering to health care to construction. The position of construction manager is not always easy to fill because it often is a temporary job, albeit a lengthy one. It can be difficult to lure these managers away from permanent positions, but excellent salaries and benefits can be enticing. In addition, some individuals prefer to work as consultants on a contract basis because the jobs tend to be lucrative.

Business owners and managers looking for executive team members know that this type of employment agency puts forth substantial effort to find the best talent in various fields. Those individuals may be actively seeking new opportunities, but often, they are relatively content where they are and must be directly contacted and recruited. Executive recruiters must offer excellent reasons why the person they contact might want to leave the current job and why they would want to sign on with this particular agency over competitors.

A recruiting firm like Kaye/Bassman may be called upon to fill a construction management position that involves long hours, time spent outside in inclement weather, and the requirement to move to a different location after a year or so. These may be seen as negative aspects by many potential candidates, so the organization must respond with high pay and intriguing perks. In some cases, just the chance to work for a particular company can be compelling enough for someone to grab the opportunity. These prestigious organizations count on executive recruiting agencies so they don’t need to have their human resources department looking through dozens or even hundreds of resumes for suitable applicants. The agency takes care of that for them and sends the best people for the job over for a personal interview. In many cases, this requires travel on the part of the candidate, but expenses normally are reimbursed if a job offer is made and accepted.