5 Projects To Make With A Laser Cutter

A CO2 laser cutter is a tool that can cut or engrave almost any surface. In recent years, the average price of a laser cutter has become affordable for hobbyists, not just commercial manufacturers. The following are some projects that anyone can make at home with a personal laser cutting and engraving tool.

A Personalized Phone Case

Using a laser cutter to etch a design into a phone case is a great way to personalize a phone with a one-of-a-kind design. Monograms are very popular these days, and so are Celtic and tribal patterns. A laser cutter can etch into a plastic, wooden, or leather case, but should never be used on the phone itself.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses can be engraved with a rotary cutter that is designed for engraving round objects. Etching a couple’s initials into a wineglass is a great way to commemorate a wedding. The glasses can even be used on tables at the wedding reception and given to guests as mementos.

Monogrammed Leather

A laser cutter is good for carving designs into leather. An old leather wallet can look new again with initials engraved on the cover, and a monogrammed belt adds a touch of class to an outfit. Bear in mind that a laser cutter doesn’t work as well on fake leather, so it’s best to use only the real thing.

Rolling Pins

A rolling pin etched with a pattern can transfer that pattern to the dough, meaning that a baker can create patterned Christmas cookies or designs for any occasion. In addition, etching a rolling pin makes the kitchen tool look unique and interesting.


A laser cutter and engraver can be a wonderful tool in the hands of an artist. One artistic application is paper cutting. A laser cutter can cut precise and intricate designs in colored paper, and it can work with paper of any thickness, from tissue paper to cardboard. Machine cut paper art is a new and exciting trend.

A CO2 laser cutter and engraver can be a great investment for anyone interested in arts and crafts. To get additional ideas for using this technology, see this Facebook page.