Reasons Law Firms Offer Scholarships for Future Attorneys

Numerous legal scholarships are available for aspiring law school students. Some are intended for people who are interested in a particular career path. The Wallin & Klarich Scholarship, for instance, is awarded each year to an individual who has been accepted to a California law school and plans to become a criminal justice attorney. This scholarship, like many others throughout the nation, is offered by a law firm. What are the reasons that law firms decide to provide this kind of award?

Passion for the Law

Many attorneys truly have a passion for their work. They believe the fundamentals of the legal system are important for justice in society. For that reason, they want to help motivated individuals with high potential attend law school and become licensed attorneys. The scholarships typically are intended for prospective students who would have trouble affording tuition, books, and other expenses without a cash award or some other form of assistance. Law school tuition is expensive, and the books are as well.

Community Relations

There’s also a public relations aspect. Offering a scholarship generates positive sentiment toward the firm in the community. This doesn’t necessarily lead to more business for the lawyers, but it does solidify their bond with the area in which they live and work. In addition, many attorneys have a strong sense of that bond. They want to contribute and give back to area residents. By helping people further their education, the firm contributes to both personal progress for individuals and quality of the legal profession in the state.

Application Requirements

Candidates are normally required to have a college or university grade point at a certain level or higher. The competition for the awards often requires an essay, such as one explaining why the person wants to become a lawyer. The attorneys may ask applicants to discuss challenges they have faced and overcome. They want to learn more about each person applying so they can make the best decision of who will receive the scholarship. This often is a tough decision since law firms may receive dozens of applications from worthy candidates for the scholarship.