Nursing Home Abuse: Is It time to Seek Legal Assistance?

The purpose of finding the right type of nursing home for a loved one is to ensure that the individual can live out those remaining years in comfort and with dignity. In many cases, that is what happens. At other times, something seems to be wrong but it’s hard to pinpoint the issue. Since negligence in a nursing home can be subtle, it makes sense to talk things over with an attorney if the family has some reservations about the level of care the loved one is receiving. Here are some signs that should prompt that conversation.

Changes in Personality

One of the first signs that things are not as they should be is changes in the personality of the resident. Someone who is normally outgoing and loves to have company may begin to withdraw and not want to see anyone. Visits are not filled with conversation and laughter. Instead, they almost seem to be an intrusion.

It’s not unusual for residents who are experiencing some type of negligence or abuse to pull away from everyone. The reasons may vary, but the bottom line is that the loved one is likely suffering in silence. An attorney can take steps to find out if there is more going on than the loved one is telling.

Changes in Appearance

Someone who normally insists on bathing daily and wearing clean clothing may begin to pay less attention to hygiene. Even little things like making sure the hair is combed may fall by the wayside. The apathy toward something that used to be such an integral part of the day is a sign that something is not as it should be. While there could be a medical issue developing, the underlying cause could be negligence or abuse.

General Negative Remarks

The loved one may also begin to express some discontent with the nursing home. While the comments are not directed at anyone in general, they may convey a sense of being unhappy with the place. This is not unusual when the resident is too afraid of someone who could do harm and still wants to convince loved ones to start looking for a different home.

If these or any other indications that all is not well develop, contact Teague and Glover PA and arrange for a consultation. Doing so could be the first step in protecting the loved one and ensuring the other residents are also protected from abuse.