The Connection between Iron and Solar Energy

Advances in solar energy technology have been increasing over the past two decades. Panels are designed to be smaller and more powerful than ever before. That allows private homes to be powered independently with no reliance on oil or natural gas. Factories can also run on solar energy. More and more municipalities are increasing solar power capacity, and China has doubled its use of solar power. With all those improvements, why is solar power not yet eclipsing oil or gas consumption? The answer lies in the metal used to convert solar power to energy that runs on a large grid. The metal currently used is cost prohibitive on a wide scale.

Scientists, engineers, and developers have been working on finding a cheaper metal that can perform the same task. Small development companies are testing the use of iron as an alternative metal. Early reports are encouraging. Those interested in investing while share costs are low will want to do so soon. The potential for high yields is significant in a year or two. This information is not public knowledge. The article source regarding the information is an experienced expert on energy investing. It is one of several articles and posts found online at Investors can browse the site to preview a wide range of articles that contain legal, yet exclusive, information.

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