Play The Global Energy Market With Smart Investing

The world’s dependency on petroleum products could be driving the energy market in a whole new direction. Making money from oil has become so complicated that some universities teach classes about the process. Although the infrastructure of the oil industry lends itself to a very effective market, it also means that investors have only so many opportunities to make money. Instead of investing in traditional energy sources, investors could be moving towards more future-proof energy solutions. Alternative fuels and batteries are what will end up carrying the world forward once petroleum deposits run out. Even the current demand has driven the price up to nearly two hundred dollars per barrel in some parts of the world.

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Shale oil is an unconventional mineral that has been used since the mid-fourteenth century. It was once used to light the streets of France and has more recently been refined as an alternate fuel. Unlike petroleum, this mineral is created when organic materials break down in shale rock deposits. Not long ago, the second largest shale gas deposit and fourth largest shale oil deposits were discovered in Argentina. This represents a huge opportunity for early investors. There are huge deposits in China, Mexico, and Argentina yet to be tapped into for use in the global market. The rest of the world is yet to be surveyed, leaving the future of Shale oil investing up to the industry leaders.

Battery research is another great opportunity for energy investors. Leading Universities such as Ohio State and even the battery industry leaders are constantly introducing new ways to store energy. These advances could be what puts solar energy solutions in reach of the average homeowner. Making renewable energy affordable can help protect the world from petroleum dependence and propel the energy industry into the future. Purchasing stocks and contributing directly to research teams can help advance developments and turn a tidy profit for smart investors.