Arrested for Being Under the Influence: Why That One Phone Call Should Be to a Lawyer

Some people don’t understand that the implications of being arrested for being under the influence can be significant. They also don’t understand that the event involves more than a night in jail and paying a fine. Rather than attempting to deal with the situation alone, the better approach is to use that one phone call to contact a lawyer. Here is what the legal counsel can do for the client.

Taking a Look at What Happened

One of the first things the lawyer will want to do is establish the timeline and the course of events that led to the arrest. The goal is to ensure that every action taken by the arresting officer is in compliance with current laws. That means determining if there was reasonable cause to stop or pull over the client in the first place. It also means determining if the officer had cause to move forward with the remaining actions, up to and including the subsequent blood test or breathalyzer test.

Taking a Good Look at the Test Results

The lawyer will also want to go over the test results carefully. What tests were used and how were the results evaluated. What were the actual results and would a different professional arrive at a conclusion other than the one currently being placed before the court?

Understanding Mitigating Circumstances

Was there some other factor involved with the incident that was never explored by the arresting officer or those who conducted the tests? For example was the issue more about a reaction to a prescription medication that was taken in accordance with the dosage instructions? Were prior charges cited as justification for the arrest even though those charged had been reversed or dropped by previous court actions? Rest assured the lawyer will delve into these matters as part of the defense process.

Never take a charge of being out while under the influence lightly. Whether the incident involves walking down the street or being behind the wheel of a vehicle, visit and arrange to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. With the help of an attorney, it’s possible to work toward a better outcome for the client.