How Business Owners Can Protect Their Employees, and Their image From a Rushed Atmosphere

It is a catch-22 for business owners. They want their workers to be fast in the delivery. It is the very marketing tag that coincides with many fast delivery companies- get it in 15 minutes or less. But, it is the same marketing appeal that can also cause a lot of rather significant problems for employees. What can business owners do minimize the appeal of what is, seemingly, an easy target? Pizza drivers are an easy target for theft and crime. They are working fast. They have cash on hand- by necessity. What can owners do to minimize threats from potential criminals? What can they do to make their drivers a difficult target?

Working Against a Rushed Atmosphere

Promising a 15-minute delivery? Sure, but make sure it is feasible in a non-rushed atmosphere. Business owners can promise a quick turnaround for their clients and customers, but it needs to be realistic. This doesn’t only apply to pizza. It applies to overnight shipping, specialized areas of plumbing and electricity (be there an hour after calling) and other speed-based marketing. The rushed atmosphere is not appropriate for employees because it allows them to lower their guard and become haphazard in protecting themselves. Workers should work fast, but not be rushed. There is a paramount difference.

Cash on Hand

If it can be avoided, advertise no cash on hand. Tell customers only checks and cards are accepted. In this day and age, it is often okay to accept only cards. Customers should understand, considering the delivery-based system of the service or product. Just accept it as a reality. Also, consider allowing employees to keep minimal cash for low purchases. Perhaps advertise a $20 or less purchase is cash allowed.

A company owner who treats drivers badly will also alter how they are perceived by the public. Business owners should not just protect employees because it is the right thing to do. They should also do it because it helps retain their business image.

These are only a few basic ideas to keeping employees safe. Visit for a deeper exploration of how employees and business leaders can be kept protected from more than just theft.