Legal Process Outsourcing Is Worth Investigating

Like thousands of other businesses, law firms today feel the need to do as much work as possible in as short a time as possible with the fewest people possible. In the legal field, this can be very difficult because lawyers must meet such high standards in the work they do every day. Smaller law firms in particular feel the stress of clients who expect a firm’s employees to do the same caliber of work that a better-staffed firm might provide, but at a lower expense. For this and several other reasons, law firms have begun contracting with legal process outsourcing companies like DTI, a global outsourcing company that can take on some of the tasks many firms have some difficulty handling themselves.

Costs savings are the primary reason law firms consider handing off their legal processes to either local or global outsourcing vendors. Outsourced attorneys might cost 50 percent less per hour compared to an in-house attorney or assistant. A firm doesn’t need to worry about paying health benefits or other extras to an employee who is doing legal discovery, document review or project management. Records management, printing and production and similar administration tasks can also be handled by a legal processes outsourcing company. Taking on these necessary but time-consuming tasks gives a firm’s attorneys the time they need to focus on more important components of their daily jobs.

Time, of course, is a commodity everyone never seems to have enough of. A legal process outsourcing company provides both the extra employees needed to complete a project on time as well as the extra hours a single law firm just doesn’t have. A project deadline requiring 100 man hours of work in three days from a team of two attorneys is an impossibility. An outsourcing company with a dozen attorneys can meet that deadline. Likewise, changes to a project that require an immediate response are more easily handled by a global outsourcing firm staffed with employees 24 hours a day.

The knowledge and expertise a legal process outsourcing company like DTI provides is something numerous small law firms can use but don’t have themselves. Experts on niche components of law as well as important global knowledge benefits smaller local firms as much as it benefits larger firms. To find out more about DTI, visit our website at