Divorce in Singapore Doesn’t Have to be an Expensive Court Battle

Divorce is never easy. It’s hard to experience the dissolution of a relationship entered into with high expectations, especially if children are involved. However, when a divorce has become inevitable, the goal must be to make the process smooth, painless and as easy as possible.

Dividing up the assets can lead to bitter and messy fights, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s in everyone’s best interests to work for the best possible outcome. An attorney with a great deal of experience in family and matrimonial law can help you make informed decisions on critically important matters. The children’s safety, well-being and parental relationships must be resolved.

Civil Divorce in Singapore is a Two Stage Process

The facts concerning the divorce are presented before a judge in Family Justice Court. The judge will hand down the Interim Judgment of Divorce, concluding the first stage of the divorce process.

After the Court has granted the Interim Judgment of Divorce, it’s necessary to settle issues dealing with “ancillary matters” which include:

  • Maintenance
  • Custody, visitation and other matters concerning the children
  • Division of property

Muslim couples must divorce under Muslim laws.

Avoiding a Contested Divorce

When a divorce and the ancillary matters are contested, the divorce will take much longer, be considerably more expensive and be emotionally draining on all concerned. Couples who wish to avoid those problems can request a Resolution Conference before a judge of the Family Resolutions Chambers. It is also possible to request counseling. No one understands the issues involved better than the two spouses. Any solution that they arrive at jointly for child custody, division of assets and other matters will be preferable to a court-imposed resolution.

A Missing Spouse

It’s possible to proceed with the divorce application, but the divorce will cost more and be more complicated. It will still be necessary to serve divorce papers on the missing spouse.

Contesting a Divorce

In order to contest a divorce, it’s essential to follow proper procedures or the Court will decide the case. It’s possible to attempt to remain married or to be heard on ancillary matters, such as child custody.

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