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Making Money in Kenya: Top Highest Paying Degrees and Careers

Kenya has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa today. Every professional in Kenya dreams of rising to the pinnacle of his or career, and achieving financial security through obtaining a high paying job.

Some jobs pay peanuts while others pay salaries in the tune of millions per month so it is important to know which career to take before you actually decide on your fate by joining a college. Getting a well-paying job is not an easy task and there are a lot of debates regarding the jobs that pay well and the ones that people should avoid. To ensure you make an informed and good decision, here is a list of the 10 highest paying careers in the country today.

Career in Politics
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There is a well grounded belief among the people of Africa that a career in politics in the fastest paths to riches. This list includes county members of parliament, members of the county assembly, governors, and senators. Others can make a career by being political activists, analysts, scholars, commentators, advisers and writers. Politicians are some of highest paid workers in Kenya. They fix their own salaries and are involved in the determination of how much allowances should be given them. For instance, a Member of the Kenyan Parliament earns a salary of over $15,000 a month – which is more than what US Senators are paid monthly.
Why not learn more about Opportunities?

Career in Engineering

It is rare to find an engineer struggling financially unless he is not aggressive enough, because engineering is quite a lucrative career. In Kenya, the starting salary for a professional with a degree or diploma in Electrical Engineering is KSh 80,000 monthly. Engineers can either build their own engineering firms or practice on their own or they can seek employment in private or government institutions.

Career in Medicine

It usually takes one at least six years to complete a course in Medicine and Surgery in Kenya. A qualified doctor can either be self employed or he can look for employment with a private or government agency. You can expect doctors to obtain jobs almost right after graduation because of the insufficiency of doctors available to work in the hospitals and health facilities in Kenya. The entry salary of a medical intern may be as low as Ksh 45,000 but with career development, it is very easy to hit ten times that amount.


The high cost of training happens to be the only thing that has stopped this career line from getting flooded, but it does comes with astronomical rewards. A Wall Street journal in March 2013 alleged that an airline captain makes up to Ksh 1.1 million a month.